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325 Washington Street, Hartsville, SC 29550

School phone: 843-383-3141      School fax: 843-857-3351



AtWashington Street Elementary School, the warmth of a committed staff and our students' enthusiasm for learning is evident when you walk through our doors.  Washington Street Elementary is located in Hartsville, South Carolina and serves its students, parents, and community with a dedication to excellence in the academic and social development of all of its students.  High standards and expectations for achievement are the foundations for our focus on nurturing and instructing our students in becoming well-rounded, creative, and productive life-long learners.


Established in the community of south Hartsville since 1962, Washington Street Elementary has provided a nurturing environment in which students continue to thrive and grow.  An awarding winning school, Washington Street Elementary has been recognized by the South Carolina Department of Education's Palmetto Gold and Silver Awards Program for its academic achievements for five out of the past eight years.  Reflected in its motto, "We Strive for Excellence," the Washington Street  School community continues to ensure that all students, teachers, families, and community members are recognized for their value and respected for their efforts in working together to make our school one of quality and achievement.


For reporting a student absence:

Call(843) 857 - 3349


For contacting a teacher:

1.     Find out theteacher’s extension in the Staff directory.

2.    Dial (843) 85, followed bythe extension.  (For example, if the teacher’s extension is 75555, thenyou would dial 843-857-5555.)

3. If the teacher is not available, leave a message on their voice mail.