Ms. Grandison

Miss Grandison

My name is Terry Ann Grandison. I am an international teacher who hails from the beautiful island of Jamaica. I have been formally working with children for approximately 10 years and I find the experience to be a rewarding one. I believe I was born to be a part of this amazing profession. I consider myself quite fortunate to be living and enjoying my dream and walking in my purpose. I began my formal training at the Shortwood Teachers' College in Jamaica where I studied for four years to obtain my Diploma and Bachelors Degree in Education. Since then, I have worked assiduously with young minds for 8 years in Jamaica at Grades l1, 2, 3 and 5 and for 2 years in South Carolina at 1st Grade. 
It is my goal to make my good better, my better best and my best even better. With this in mind, I ensure that the lives I come in contact with are positively impacted so that they can have more value added in their designs of becoming successful men and women. 
If you need to contact me, you may do so by visiting WSE/Rm6 or call 843-383-3141