Please read with your child for at least 10 to 15 minutes each night. During your reading time, you may stop and ask your child to predict what might happen to the character(s) next.  Don't forget to look at the pictures!  Pictures are a very valuable tool to use for the teaching of reading.  With the book, you can even play "Let's find the letter________!"  Have your child look for words that begin with the same sound that their names begin with.  After the reading, you can ask your child questions about the characters, setting and what happened in the book.  You can make it a game by letting your child think of questions that they ask you about the book.
Let your child practice their handwriting.  Don't make it a chore or a "skill and drill" assignment.  Don't worry about using lined paper at this time either.  Using blank paper is good since many of the fine motor skills for handwriting are still developing with our four year olds.
Counting can also be made into a fun activity at home.  Ask your child to count how many people will be eating and then let them count out the silverware that matches the number of people eating.  When you see numbers ask your child to tell you what the number is and count up to it or count out a collection of items to correspond with the number seen.